The Movement for School-Based Agricultural Education was launched in 2020 to catalyze a broad coalition of partners to build capacity and create an enabling environment to advance school-based agricultural education in sub-Saharan Africa.

It is managed by a Secretariat hosted by AgriCorps.  The Secretariat leads and administers The Movement for School-Based Agricultural Education by executing four core actions:

Core Action 1.

Amplify evidence

Through the leadership and expertise of a third-party research team, the SBAE Council on Research and Evidence (SBAE-CORE), the Secretariat will drive steady and well-planned SBAE evidence conversations and uptake efforts that underpin the policy, investment and program actions required for successful adoption of SBAE.

Core Action 2.

Foster advocacy

Advocacy agendas focus on civil society mobilization and building a vibrant forum of local, country, regional and global allies. These forums create a platform from which to share experiences, demonstrate SBAE alignment with youth and agricultural development, and inspire greater implementation and investment commitments.

Core Action 3.

Transform landscapes

Transforming the policy, program and investment landscapes for successful implementation and sustained impact of SBAE requires clear pathways and well-developed policy platforms. The vision for this core action embeds SBAE into existing pathways, programs and policy imperatives.

Core Action 4.

Build coalitions

Central to a vibrant movement is a dynamic, multi-sectoral coalition of supporters and partners. The vibrant SBAE coalition consists of mission-aligned institutions and individuals that have stood steadfast in their commitment to youth, agriculture, education, rural development and economic development. 

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